Shameless Promotion

The latest anthology is called Team Players, and it’s filled with sexy stories from some of my favorite writers of gay erotica. As I say in the introduction, “Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, it’s exciting to know that some of your skill will always — ahem — rub off on your teammates. But the best part of all is that, top to bottom, everyone ends up a winner. Because no matter what sport you’re suiting up for, if you’re a true Team Player, you’ll always end up scoring.”

Hot Sheet: On the Edge

“It’s old-school cabaret with a modern sensibility as the former Advocate editor releases his first album (available Tuesday) and lets his rich baritone soar over a number of familiar standards from artists ranging from Cole Porter to Lady Gaga, many of which get cheeky new arrangements. Check out his cover of Idina Menzel’s marriage equality anthem “Gorgeous” below.”

Henry Rollins Is Awesome

with Henry Rollins at Book Soup in Los Angeles, October 2011

On Monday I had the opportunity to interview one of my idols.

Henry Rollins has a photo book (Occupants) coming out in October. And while there’s nothing gay about it, he’s long been a supporter of human rights of all kind and has spoken out on behalf of the gay community many, many times, so I figured a chat with him would make a nice front-of-the-book piece for The Advocate.