No Skies of Grey on the Great White Way

Got a nice write-up on the Broadway Melodies show I did with Steve Fry for the Culver City Historical Society. At least I think it’s a nice write-up …

The reviewer didn’t seem to love the venue, and evidently the temperature was not to his liking, but the rest of the performance seemed to please him.

Ari L. Noonan of The Front Page Online writes:

If you were reaching for an evening of nostalgia, you probably would not choose a square, naked room of pea green cinderblocks, illumined as brightly as a Little League field splashed in golden high noon sunshine.

Yet when the Culver City Historical Society gathered last evening in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Vets Auditorium, today was a hundred miles away. […]

Mellifluously, the ubiquitous, gleamingly professional pianist Stephen Fry along with the young actor/singer Winston Gieseke, the father of a magnificent voice, turned memories back to the era when the late Dick Clark was born.

They could, and perhaps should, take this act on the road, except that it was announced Mr. Gieseke soon will be moving to Berlin.

Without a prop in sight, the two terrific talents revived familiar singalongs and pop tunes from 1929’s Broadway Melody, and films of the next 15 years.

Just as entertaining was watching the totally engaged audience keep time. Rows and rows of them.

Thanks, Ari. Any reviewer who calls me “young” is OK in my book. Read the full article below.

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