Mario Lopez Shows Off with Rated M

The former Saved by the Bell star chats with The Advocate about underwear, his hippest fans, and a gay cinematic classic.According to Mario Lopez, the "M" in Rated M, the actor's new underwear line, "stands for masculine, modern, Mario ... make it whatever you want it to be." And while some may see ...
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Closet Case Killer

A new book provides an insider’s look at America's first gay serial killer"He was a homophobic homosexual," says Sam L. Amirante of John Wayne Gacy, the infamous murderer he defended in court in the early 1980s. "He was a dichotomy." Amirante and fellow attorney Danny Broderick are the authors of ...
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Henry Rollins Rocks

On Monday I had the opportunity to interview one of my idols.Henry Rollins has got a photo book (Occupants) coming out in October. And while there's nothing gay about it, he's long been a supporter of human rights of all kind and has spoken out on behalf of the gay community many, many times, so I f ...
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Fred Hersch: Art Imitates Life

Jazz pianist Fred Hersch not only survived AIDS-related dementia and an eight-week coma, he turned the experience into a work of artFred Hersch, who has performed on over 100 recordings and is considered by many music lovers to be the finest jazz pianist of his generation, has managed to turn life's ...
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CNN’s Don Lemon is an Open Book

The Emmy award–winning journalist talks about pride, getting personal on the air, and how being gay gave him a leg up on the competitionDon Lemon was imbued with the gift of pride at a young age. The youngest of three and the only male in a houseful of women, Lemon was encouraged by his family to ...
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Taking LGBT Off the Menu

Refer to me as a member of the LGBT community and I will probably correct you. Tell me I'm part of a bigger group with even more letters (LGBTQIA, etc.) and I'll likely cringe. I am a gay man, and as far as I'm concerned that's a perfectly good label.Why?Because I'm not a lesbian, a transgender, or ...
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Samuel Colt: Man of the Year

"'We're looking for a few good men.' That's what was on the recruitment poster when I joined the army. Butduring basic training when I realized I, too, was looking for a few good men. It's kind of ironic that I had my first sexual experiences while serving in an institution that has hunted down and ...
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Aiden Shaw: Portrait of the Artist as a Hung Man

"Overall, people responded well," says Aiden Shaw about the reaction to his 2006 memoir, My Undoing. "But some didn't appreciate it being so true to life in that I had no epiphany, andhad no neat conclusion."Or perhaps it had something to do with the story's main character. The portrait Shaw painted ...
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A Rant About Censorship

Sometimes I give myself assignments, and today’s was to write something about censorship.Censorship is the editing, removing, or otherwise changing of ideas or human expression. Censors try to use the power of the state to impose their views of what is truthful and appropriate, or offensive and ob ...
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Onzo vs. YourEyes: Knowledge is Power

As people become more and more aware their carbon footprint, it seems there are more and more gadgets promising to help reduce them. Like the new Onzo. This handy tool from the UK, often referred to as the "dashboard for your home," gathers data on your electricity use and helps you to determine you ...
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