My Interview with Diesel Washington

February 24, 2010 Posted by admin slave - No Comments

Here’s the interview I did back in August with porn icon Diesel Washington.

We discussed everything from twinks to the cover shoot he did for Unzipped, which was inspired by the 1972 horror film Blacula. I even got him to do a freestyle rap, which — if you have the patience to scroll all the way down — you’ll find in the final clip.

Diesel is an amazing guy. Smart, articulate, and perhaps a little crazy. But in a good way. And he’s big. He’s, like, seven-foot-ten and has hands the size of Bigfoot. At one point, when I inquired about his physical strength (he’s known for picking up his scene partners and having his way with them — often times while they’re in the air), he grabbed me and whipped me around the room like I was a five-pound rag doll. It was bizarre.

Diesel on twinks:

Diesel discusses his sex life:

If Diesel had his own porno school:

Diesel’s Unzipped shoot:

Diesel talks porn:

And finally, Diesel raps:

Whatta guy.