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Wildfire DVD Commentary!

If you happen to be watching the season 2 DVD of Wildfire, check out my highly informative commentary on the episode titled "Nothing Takes The Past Away Like The Future."I had no idea this was coming out on the DVD — the track was actually recorded for a podcast — but I'm super excited. For year ...
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24 Hours of Sunshine / (I’d Rather Be) Sailing

From Giving 'Til It Hurts You, 2004. Live at the Split.Id Theater.NOTE: The video was secretly taken by a crazed fan and later posted on a Finnish website. After being seized by INTERPOL, the tape was deemed unsuitable for public viewing due to its poor sound and picture quality and held in a vault ...
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O Say Can You See

Dodger Stadium gig was a blast. Tons of friends came to cheer me on. I felt so loved. Alas, I didn’t get to meet Shawn Green — but I got a signed baseball from Maury Wills.It seems unlikely that I will ever again have the opportunity to sing for 40,000 people. ...
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Fox Movie Channel Appearance

On behalf of the Fox Archives, I was interviewed by Jimmy Rhoads about the props used in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. ...
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