Samuel Colt: Man of the Year

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“‘We’re looking for a few good men.’ That’s what was on the recruitment poster when I joined the army. But [it was] during basic training when I realized I, too, was looking for a few good men. It’s kind of ironic that I had my first sexual experiences while serving in an institution that has hunted down and expelled men who had sex with men.”

So began Samuel Colt’s speech at last year’s International Mr. Leather (IML) competition in Chicago. But despite having been named Mr. San Francisco Leather 2009 the previous April, and having delivered a recitative that brought some audience members to tears, Colt left IML without an award. Nevertheless, one thing was very clear to those in attendance: Samuel Colt was more than a porn star, more than a contestant — he was someone very special.

While it’s difficult to define the “it” factor that makes one a star, Men magazine’s Man of the Year, Samuel Colt, definitely has that special something. To say Colt has taken the adult industry by storm is an understatement. After working behind the scenes, Colt decided to try performing, and within a week found himself with four scenes booked. The down-to-earth Colt attributes this to luck: “Things just fell into place at the same time,” he says modestly.

The Men cover (August 2009) followed, as did an explosive scene with Alessio Romero in Green Door, in which audiences got their first look at Colt’s aggressive bedside manner. The movie hadn’t even hit stores yet when Falcon announced that they’d signed an exclusive contract with Colt for the company’s Mustang division — their first exclusive model in three years.

In addition to his booming adult career, Colt is a certified personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder. He also has 18 years as an Internet developer under his belt. But his stint in the army seems to have had the biggest impact on shaping his core. When asked what his experiences in the military taught him, Colt replies, “Responsibility, honor, discipline, and integrity. I also learned how to masturbate,” he adds.

As for his IML speech, Colt says he was pleased with the result because it was “funny and emotional and something I was truly passionate about.” This passion does not go unnoticed among his contemporaries. In fact, it’s the first quality many of them mention when queried about their coworker. “He’s the first to support a charitable cause,” says Steve Cruz, who directed Colt in Green Door. “The man has heart. But underneath all that muscle he’s just a goofball. There’s nothing sexier than a guy with a sense of humor, especially when he’s built like a god.” These feelings are seconded by Falcon Studios’ director of promotion, Troy Prickett, who says his company was thrilled when Colt decided to join the studio’s roster of talent: “His involvement in the San Francisco leather community and their charitable works has always impressed us. He’s the whole package: sexy, smart, and a heart of gold.”

So how did Colt end up with a stage name matching the 19th century weapons inventor credited with popularizing the revolver? “I’m not a card-carrying member of the NRA or anything,” he says. “I just liked the name. I was watching Slumdog Millionaire with a friend and ‘Samuel Colt’ was one of the answers. I turned to my friend and said it was a great porn name. So when it came time to pick something, that’s what I used.”

Another component people attribute to Colt’s “it” factor is his intelligence. Attending college on an ROTC scholarship, he’d planned to major in political science but fell in love with philosophy after taking a required course and ended up switching majors. He says philosophy allows him to gain an understanding of people’s thought processes. “It’s helped me become a more well-adjusted person, following a path of reason without compromising my beliefs.”

He says philosophy also provides a means to explore one’s darker parts, including fantasies and fetishes, which may help explain his appeal in the leather community. “I’ve always had a fascination with leather and uniforms,” he says. “When I saw my first Tom of Finland drawing, I knew that’s what I wanted to be.” Despite his appreciation for the scene, however, Colt anticipates some evolution in the leather world. “It will need to adapt to the younger generation and women to be more inclusive of their interests. Stuff like latex, pup play, and other various forms of kink will need to be adopted and embraced if the community is going to continue and flourish.”

Even stronger are Colt’s feelings about the changes needed in the military. “Since implementing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,'” he told the crowd at IML, “over 12,000 gays and lesbians have been discharged, making it the only law in the United States that mandates firing based solely on sexual orientation.” Although Colt himself was not fired, he says he was “strongly encouraged” to resign from the ROTC and give up his scholarship. But he didn’t, and after eight years he was granted an honorable discharge. When asked if he has any advice for gays considering a career in the military, he says, “Hopefully soon, it will not be an issue. Until then, be prepared to live a double life.”

Not so for serving as Man of the Year, which Colt calls “an amazing honor”: “It feels good to win one for the gays since it’s been several years since an openly gay man has won. But most importantly, I’m very grateful for the title, because it was voted for by the fans.”

As for Colt’s future, he’s still figuring that out. “I’m burnt out on the IT stuff, and although I love personal training, it’s not what I want to do forever.” One option he’s considering is going back to school to get a degree in public health, a plan that was partially inspired by his trip to Southeast Asia last year. “I know whatever I do next will be to help the poor and impoverished.”

“It” factor or not, that’s certainly hot. Congratulations, Samuel!

Originally published in Unzipped magazine, March 2010