San Diego 6-21-2008

Congrats from Idina Menzel

June 25, 2008 Posted by admin slave - No Comments

On Friday, John and I were legally married in our backyard.

After a quickie ceremony, we hopped in the car and motored south to San Diego to see Tony award winner Idina Menzel (Best Actress in a Musical 2004 for Wicked)’s concert at Humphreys by the Bay. After checking into our fancy room and drinking the congratulatory champagne provided by the hotel — evidently the phrase “it’s our honeymoon” gets you an upgrade and free stuff at Humphreys — we heard what appeared to be soundcheck going on, so we wandered down to the venue hoping for a glimpse of Idina.

“Isn’t that her right there?” John asked, pointing to two figures approaching on the walkway.

I looked over and there was Idina and hubby Taye Diggs.

I have no problem being a sycophant, so I walked over to introduce myself and share our news. She couldn’t have been nicer. Both she and Taye offered their congrats. I, of course, wanted to ask a million questions about Rent and Wicked and what it’s like to make out with Colin Farrell, but I refrained, and after a moment of small talk they continued on their merry way and we headed over to the pool bar, where we spent the next few hours telling everyone that we’d just met Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs.

The concert was awesome. Especially when she mentioned us.

It was a great wedding and a great day.