24 Hours of Sunshine / (I’d Rather Be) Sailing

March 25, 2005 Posted by admin slave - No Comments

From Giving ‘Til It Hurts You, 2004. Live at the Split.Id Theater.

NOTE: The video was secretly taken by a crazed fan and later posted on a Finnish website. After being seized by INTERPOL, the tape was deemed unsuitable for public viewing due to its poor sound and picture quality and held in a vault pending legal action. At the request of Winston’s attorney (actually, his friend’s cousin, who’s an attorney), the video was flown to Los Angeles, where it was examined by a panel of experts, who agreed with INTERPOL’s findings of its public unsuitability. After much legal wrangling, it was delivered to Winston’s studio, where it was screened for a group of homeless people from nearby Venice Beach, who — plied with copious amounts of Night Train — had one hell of a time and demanded it be played again and again until all of the free libations had been consumed. While attempting to steal the tape to sell on the black market, a drunken homeless woman named Celeste spilled Night Train on it, effectively erasing most of its contents.

All that remained were a few numbers, which were digitally restored with the same state-of-the-art technology used to enhance the Zapruder film, and we are super stoked to present one of them here for your viewing pleasure.